With over 10 years’ experience, TruCorp are leading the market in providing realistic and durable training manikins. A commitment to innovation, design and development has allowed TruCorp to provide a wide range of anatomically correct airway management, emergency skills and surgical skill trainers.


The product range provides training solutions for cricothyroidotomy, percutaneous tracheostomy, bronchoscopy, chest trauma, ENT Surgery and many more…


The Trucorp AirSim represents the ultimate realistic airway simulator available to prepare trainees with the skills needed for all critical airway management procedures.


Conceived and developed by doctors and engineers at the Queens University of Belfast, Trucorp sets new standards in medical skills training.


You will never see a product like the Trucorp Airway Manikins. It surpasses all other airway manikins on the market. 


TruCorp has designed the Truman Trauma System for teaching medical professionals the necessary skills for dealing with a range of life threatening trauma situations. Techniques which can be practised on the TruMan Trauma include; chest tube insertion, needle decompression, CPR, airway management, needle and surgical cricothyroidotomy and percutaneous tracheostomy.


The Truman Trauma System provides an anatomically correct simulated human torso together with the renowned AirSim head for training the full range of airway management and resuscitation skills.The Truman Trauma System features replaceable tissues which help provide each trainee a lifelike and unique surgical experience.


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