Meet The Team


Executive Director

Neil has thirty years experience as a registered nurse. He has practiced and taught within critical care and emergency settings for over three quarters of his career. He is passionate about teaching and understands the importance of sharing his knowledge and skills to others. Neil is a leader in education at OHM Medical Training services Inc.


Executive Director

Richard has years of experience as an emergency nurse. In addition, he continues to educate and lead others within the profession. Having an accumulated knowledge of management, leadership, and education has been extremely valuable to the delivery of high quality service to health care professionals and the community taking courses with OHM Medical Training Services inc. 


Executive Director

Alex has extensive experience as a paramedic. In addition to over 18 years with the BCEHS mentoring and teaching other paramedics, he has coached the Canadian paramedic team to victory winning a Gold Medal Championship at the World Paramedic Games in the Czech Republic. Alex continues to pass on his excellent coaching abilities to the course participants at OHM Medical Training Services Inc.  


Medical Director

Dr Kwok practices as an emergency physician on the front lines. In addition, Dr Kwok holds the position of Clinical Assistant Professor at the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of British Columbia. In addition to his role as OHM Medical Training Services Medical Director. Dr Kwok also participates in the instruction and facilitation of courses delivered by OHM Medical Training Services inc.


Medical Director

Dr Kevin Shi is  a Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC. In addition to practicing emergency medicine, he facilitates and instructs courses with OHM Medical Training Services inc. and delivers Medical Direction to OHM Medical programs.  


Lead Instructor Trainer

Terry contributes a wealth of knowledge, skills and valuable experience to OHM Medical Training. He has almost a half century of prehospital experiences. Terry has not only witnessed the changes to emergency health services (EHS) in British Columbia, but has personally  contributed to the organization’s growth practicing on the front lines as an advanced care paramedic (ACP).


Operations Associates

Matthew is OHM Medical Training Services distribution expert. He
handles all of the product distribution for the company. Matthew manages
OHM Medical’s relationships with our suppliers. He is a critical asset to
the company.


Education Manager

Debbie is the back bone of the company. She is involved in the
administration of OHM 

Medical’s educational courses. Debbie supports the operations by coordinating all of OHM Medical Training courses and
organizing the faculty. She is key to the successful 

implementation of all
OHM Medical courses.