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PHILIPS Healthcare AEDs are known to be one of the most trusted AED on the market and have distributed over half a million units worldwide*. We provide both the hardware and medical training necessary to save lives. Don’t be caught unprepared - be ready with a Philips Automated External Defibrillator from OHM Medical.



With over 10 years’ experience, TruCorp are leading the market in providing realistic and durable training manikins. A commitment to innovation, design and development has allowed TruCorp to provide a wide range of anatomically correct airway management, emergency skills and surgical skill trainers.



Winner of the 2013 Journal of Emergency Medicine Services Hot Products Award, INTUBRITE laryngoscope blades and handles offers flexibility, durability, and portability at an affordable price. Intubrite manufactures its uniquely designed laryngoscope blades from surgical-grade, stainless steel. 


HeartiSense makes existing CPR manikins much smarter. HeartiSense enables accurate and effective training and assessment, along with increased engagement in the training process and easier trainee management. 


The Anti Choking Trainer is a groundbreaking device that enables students to have confidence in their ability to perform the Abdominal Thrust Maneuver. It’s easy to use, realistic, and students have fun while learning to save lives!


The CS1201 Code Simulator is an easy to use training tool for practicing defibrillation, external pacing, and arrhythmia recognition. Connect directly to defib/pacer for safe simulation of cardioversion and electrical capture. The CS1201 generates fibrillations, tachycardias, and bradycardias, as well as ST segment and T wave abnormalities.


O-Two Medical Technologies is one of the world leaders in developing emergency respiratory care devices. Their products range from resuscitators and automatic transport ventilators, Oxygen therapy devices, and burn relief products. 


LIFESAVER's bestselling water filter bottle - convenient and lightweight it can be taken anywhere!

Used and recognised globally, the LIFESAVER 4000UF bottle was the first LIFESAVER product to be invented by Michael Pritchard, Inventor - Founder of LIFESAVER systems. The LIFESAVER water bottle produces clean, safe water incredibly easily - simply fill, pump, drink.


The R-CAT (Rapid - Cardiac Analysis Tools) were designed to help medical personnel accurately and rapidly identify 41 different EKG Rhythms and 12 lead EKG changes associated with Ischemia, Injury, and Infarction.

NUZONE Medical

NuZone Medical observed current oral airways to be difficult to size correctly and insert; thus, making them uncomfortable for the patient. Plus, they do not allow for an easy airway clearance. In addition, if the patient’s Level of Consciousness (LOC) improves, the traditional airways stimulate a gag reflux which makes it necessary to remove the airway with potential for reinsertion if a need arises.

The Dual-Air™ Adjustable Oropharyngeal Airways provide solutions to many of the above mentioned situations.


Do you need an AED but do not want the hassle of owning one? 

OHM AED rental program is ideal for 

  • Construction sites

  • Events

  • Summer Camps

  • Seasonal Events​