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Going travelling, hiking, camping or travelling to a hostile environment? The LIFESAVER bottle starter pack is the perfect choice.

The bottle starter pack contains the 4000UF bottle and all of the essential components to produce sterile drinking water in the outdoors.

Take your trusted water filtration source with you, with the LIFESAVER 4000UF bottle starter pack, which includes a LIFESAVER protective pouch for your bottle, activated carbon filters as well as spare replacement items to keep your bottle in tip-top condition.

The LIFESAVER bottle starter pack includes:

  • 1 x LIFESAVER 4000UF bottle
  • 4 x LIFESAVER activated carbon filters
  • 2 x LIFESAVER pre-filter disk
  • 2 x LIFESAVER chew-proof nozzles
  • 1 x LIFESAVER bottle strap
  • 1 x LIFESAVER bottle protection pouch (black coloured pouch)
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