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Produce a total of 40,000 litres of clean, sterile drinking water for you and your family.

A great way to protect your family in the event of an emergency, or for use whilst travelling or during overland trips. The LIFESAVER jerrycan is easy to transport and can be stored in a vehicle, mobile home or even a tent. The family survival pack also comes with a LIFESAVER shower attachment - enabling you and your family to wash and keep clean at the touch of a button.

Why buy a family survival pack?

  • Produce a total of 40,000 litres of your own safe, clean drinking water
  • Will last a family of four 9 years if used everyday
  • Costs less than 1 pence per litre of clean water
  • Store and carry 18.5 litres of water in the jerrycan
  • Easily attach to overland vehicles
  • Compatible with the LIFESAVER shower attachment
The Family Survival Pack includes
  • 1 x LIFESAVER 20,000UF jerrycan
  • 1 x LIFESAVER spare 20,000UF cartridge
  • 10 x LIFESAVER activated carbon filters
  • 1 x LIFESAVER shower attachment
  • 1 x LIFESAVER maintenance pack (1 x protective cartridge cap and 1 x spare o-ring)
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