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If you are going travelling or taking the family camping you can receive the same level of protection as the LIFESAVER® bottle only on a larger scale. Perfect for the boot of the car, this unit is so efficient it even comes with a shower attachment so you can wash with clean water. Able to hold up to 18.5 Litres at any one time, it is a simple solution for your home or leisure activities where you are going to need instant access to safe water for eating, drinking, washing and cooking.

LIFESAVER® technology filters down to 15 nanometres, that is 0.015microns. We are the world's first and only portable technology that is patented worldwide, to filter down to this level. With the smallest virus known being Polio at 25 nanometers, you are safe in the knowledge that LIFESAVER®filters all bacteria, viruses, cysts and all waterborne pathogens from your water.

The LIFESAVER® jerrycan carries 18.5 litres of water (at one time) and allows users to process up to 20,000 litres of clean sterile drinking water. TheLIFESAVER® jerrycan allows the user to stay out for longer as they are no longer dependent on bottled water.

LIFESAVER® complies with all British, US and European Drinking Water Regulations for Microbiological Reduction as tested and certified by the London school of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

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