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Available in horizontal and vertical alignment

Always Accessible, Easy To Use, Accurate Measurements

Quantity Discount: 100 or more receive a 20% discount. Contact OHM Medical to inquiry about quantify discount.


  • Unique plastic badge provides a reversible, see-through window for establishing the ECG baseline.
  • Can be used for both EKG rhythm strips and 12 lead ECG analysis
  • Badge measures 3 ⅝ by 2 ⅜ inches - about the same size as an average ID badge or credit card.
  • Attach to either a horizontal or vertical name badge or place in any pocket so it's always available at your fingertips.
  • Badge is durable and flexible for long wear and can be wiped clean with disinfectant.
  • Use the reversible, see-through baseline window to look for ST changes or significant Q-Waves.
  • Can even be used on angled ECG baselines
  • Color coded format to locate areas of muscle involvement
  • Use the unique calibrated measurement tools on the badge for assessing Heart Rate and waveform intervals.
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