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R-CAT for Arrhythmias

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The R-CAT- For Arrhythmias has been designed to aid Healthcare practitioners in the rapid interpretation of common and less frequently seen cardiac arrhythmias. Using a versatile, four page laminated format, the R-CAT displays the Anatomy of the Heart, all the components of the Cardiac Electrical system, and in addition to Normal Sinus Rhythm (NSR) presents 40 additional rhythm disorders of rate, conduction and pathology of origin.

The R-CAT’s laminated surface makes it perfect for teaching EKG skills to students. Illustrating each cardiac rhythm with a 6-second Lead II strip with a brief explanation makes side-by-side comparison and calculation of atrial and ventricular rates especially easy for both the new learner and the experienced practitioner.

When used with a black (black only!) dry-marker EKG intervals can be measured and wave forms marked to identify the diagnostic criteria associated with each of the cardiac arrhythmias. Then with a dry cloth the R-CAT’s surface can wiped clean to use repeatedly.

This makes the R-CAT an excellent reference and education tool for any medical practitioner who would like to acquire mastery of EKG interpretation.

Less commonly seen arrhythmias may be easily misdiagnosed. The R-CAT’s unique design format allows Medical Staff, Paramedics, and other Healthcare Practitioners to quickly visualize and compare an actual patient strip to less frequently seen cardiac arrhythmias.

By using the R-CAT to aid in a rapid and accurate diagnosis of EKG rhythms and integrating the clinical assessment of the patient, first responders may save valuable time, reduce critical errors, and improve patient outcomes.

The R-CAT has been formatted for ease of attachment to crash carts or other emergency equipment. It comes 3 hole punched to be used as a reference tool in cardiac monitoring stations or other static emergency locations.

  • Opens up to a four-page, double-sided, laminated tool that reveals 41 six-second EKG strips, conduction and pathology of origin. Scaled to size at 25 mm/sec
  • Side by side comparison of EKG strips gives a better understanding to patients and healthcare providers. In addition, a black dry erase marker can be used to mark intervals and wave forms.
  • Comes 3-hole punched and can be easily folded to fit in a folder or attach to a monitor
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